Chasing Stolen Passions

A Quatrains chain in Iambic Tetrameter, for my love Jannie. A special Valentine’s poetry.


When silence fell, and hope was lost,
I heard a voice of sweetest bliss,
That took me by a moment’s cost;
Then passion bloomed with a stolen kiss.

My frozen soul was seldom frail,
Yet fervent lips sets hearts ablaze;
I’m set adrift in longing’s gale,
I kindle uncertain, wistful rays.

Seeking, chasing, thirsting ashore
In ecstasy, two birds still dream
To quench this lust, fulfil this lore;
Those moments lost… Let love redeem.

Let go no more, we’ve much to gain,
Let go no more of this ardent leap.
You are the lie that soothes my pain,
You are the truth that makes me weep.


Love: Searching Past Those Lips

Wrote this as a part of speech in a cousin’s wedding. Life of love is long and adventures. Here I wish them the most joyous and enthralling one!


Her heart, so gentle, brightened, burst,

Ignited when lips, though parting, kissed;

Nor he was spared, for he loved her first.

These birds bewitched: What have they missed?


The Sun conceals a storm within,

And Moon has craters yet unseen.

What spirit hides beneath their skin?

What changes await past what they’ve been?


But every love begs adventures still,

Embracing, enduring in frost and rain.

When hearts and breath, unexplored, enthrill —

Behold! They’ve fallen in love again!


In destiny’s reign, through joy and pain,

You’ll find them falling in love again.

Los Invictus (Sonnet)

Reason is bound to our perception, which in turn is bound to what knowledge we have of the world and our emotions. When Reason tells you that people are greedy, world is crappy, and you cannot trust anyone, Imagination knocks on your door just to tell you, “Oh yeah? Well, challenge accepted!”

Happy Sol Invictus / Merry Christmas everyone!

Based on the Blakean mythology of Four Zoas, where “Urizen” represents conventional reason and law, and “Los” represents imagination. That said, “Los” is also an anagram of “Sol”, which is Roman for “Sun”, although here I used Sun as a symbol for “Inspiration”. And because it’s Winter Solstice now, I wrote this for Christmas (although I’m a bit late…) simply because the epic battle between Urizen and Los not only remind me of that one principle of social bonding that formed many festivals of Winter Solstice (Christmas, Hanukah, most pagan variations, Amaterasu, Roman, etc.) but also as a reminder than rigid reduction of the universe will always have a challenging spirit that will rebel and enlighten all of existence, come whatever storms may.

Written in Iambic Pentameter. This is perhaps my very first Sonnet, and my first time writing in fixed metric forms, so critiques are welcome! (Note: This poetry may change as I revise it further.)


Urizen raged at lawless void unknown,
His order benign was nature’s will invoked,
Then Reason fell to rule whose heavens choked,
Where oceans froze and grief of burden sown.

Lamenting souls succumbed to world reduced,
For love was dead, and hope forsaken’d, lost…
And yet a single fire defied the frost,
For Los rebelled, his hammer forged anew.

Turning soil to bricks to fortress round,
Burning waters to steam to fly unbound,
Churning love from broken streams of thought.

Eternal winters broke into vivid spring.
Urizen stunned, as open windows sing
Of gentle rays that Los unbridled brought.

To Humanity, With Love

An English version rewrite of the recent, popular song Satyamev Jayate (Truth Alone Triumphs), composed by Ram Sampath and written by Prasoon Joshi (listen to the original here). The idea that producer Amir Khan had for the song was a hymn of “romance” towards humanity and truth. I share this hymn, hoping to adapt its vivid sentiments in English verses and do justice to it for foreign readers.

This is not a word-to-word translation of the song (which you can find here instead); this is an aesthetic rewrite to preserve the sentiments (or reinvent / re-adapt concepts). You could say it’s a song of the same feelings sung from another’s heart and words.


1. You fill me with such color
That rebels all other hue;
Engraved on my chest, your name
Is beheld by eyes with dreams anew.

(Chorus) This ardour, this passion runs too deep
With love in veins emboldened beneath,
Where maddened blood and soul weep,
Awakened to you my love bequeath.
‘Twas your presence that unveiled me the essence
Of Truth and Life, and my purpose and strife.
Truth stands victorious, unconquered like the Sun,
My love for you is honest, blazing golden shun.

2. I leave a pledge to your light divine,
There will be no crease, neither wrinkle nor stain,
For you deserve the grandest of Edenic meadows
Of sweetest fragrance and blossoming fleabane.
And your fringes I come to caress,
In your arms I yearn a warm embrace,
Where not a voice is too severe,
I come to sing that song of cheer.


3. Within me, your color runs wild
Like a scarlet intoxication of spirit inflamed;
It’s your kindness of rains and holy winds
That I’m cleansed, my strength reclaimed.
Don’t accept me as I am just yet;
I have miles to go to find my worth.
Only then, open your heavenly doors,
As I’m vested in your mirth.
For this speed of pumping breath,
For this festival of heartbeat,
For the self, and the world,
For every victory and every defeat,
Just for you, a change parades.


4. To find myself, to test my dream,
I too must walk these fires ablaze,
Why hide the blots that stain our skin?
Why elude that truth before our gaze?
As the verdure of time thus calls,
For you, I promise this tonight;
I’ll climb the strongest walls,
And over embers burning bright.
Every drop of my blood imparts
As flowers with every deed.
For every wound, you seep from within
As the streams crimson bleed.


The Valentine’s Witch

Note: The following poetry is a conceptual “opposite” of what you’d call a Serenade, something which I’ve been experimenting with lately. This song is from a boy’s perception to his murderous ex-girlfriend.

A challenge for poets (preferably females, but anyone is free to do so): If you feel inspired this Valentine’s day, write a similar poetry from the girl’s perspective to the boy, preferably titled, “The Valentine’s (insert offensive description here)”. After all, some boys deserve to have their asses kicked. 😉

Don’t forget to show me when you do!


Though all the strange games you play,
My heart surrenders to your grace;
Wretched thoughts taint the rose that is.
To you, O Lady, how must I praise?

You look at me with those killer eyes
That befell a hundred men at a glance;
Those vicious stares but haunt me still
As murder disguises as your dance.

Your lips so tempting, luscious, red;
Does your thirst for blood never end?
Your teeth so full, so radiant white,
Cut through flesh as monsters intend.

A man may lose himself within
Your lovely hair so silky and strong —
Don’t strangle your victims with those; my date
With Medusa is safer still, though wrong.

But how could I rage at a face so fair
That has never received Sun’s generous share?
The sight of her slender body may
Put malnourished children to despair.

But I embrace you, Lady, oh warmly so
(To check for hidden knives, for life’s sake)!
Oh dainty Lady, you appear in my dreams,
At every night… just to frighten me awake…

Epic Rapbattle – Blake vs Eminem

The following Visual Poetry is a co-effort between Clovis, Thought and me. Artworks for the display picture was done by me solely. 

WARNING!: Vulgar / offensive language ahead!


You know Eminem: the greatest rapper to rap about how he likes rapping. When this machine-gun-mouth sets his foot into the arena for a battle he will never budge until his enemy is thrashed with humiliation.

And yet rap, itself an art, pales in before the greatest classic rhymes that defined foundations of the art form first. But what if Eminem were to face off against the Master of rhymes himself? Witness the two rebels duke it out (exclusively on Online Chatrooms).

Reverie of the Muse

The poem and illustration is dedicated to Caro as a Christmas + New Year’s gift. Find the link to my gallery here


In the sun’s embrace, with sparrow’s grace,
She sauntered upon the gloom
Where the filth untold, the damp and cold,
Hid treasures worth a bloom.
Her eyes alight, she frolicked despite,
Her dulcet voice a delight;
Her rosy cheeks the petals caressed
As she danced the wild and right.

For every grey that homed her feet
Relished in emerald’s thrill,
But nearer she drew, set in stone,
One lonesome heart lay still.
Puzzled, aloof she shuffled past,
And caught my eyes at last,
And took my hand, pulled me far
Under a mistletoe’s cupid caste.

With innocent smile she closed her eyes,
As spirits bewitched to her beam.
My heart raced and nerves froze;
But she turned and left to her dream.
She left me thence to fall apart;
Why was I empty? Why was I bare?
Robbed; though cold and gullible, played
My heart a ribbon upon her hair.

I chased up the mount of pages turned,
And found her lost in a book;
I chased the ribbon past verdures of time,
And yet I feared her look.
She stepped on escalating cloud,
Out of reach, flew afar,
Dancing to majesty, for azure gentle
Called the miracles of the hour.

She was a silver lining in world’s dismay,
And her thoughts dispelled the smog.
She was a goddess; what was I to her,
Besides a lowly frog?
But I croaked the zestful wings to grow,
And flew to claim my heart;
Not a glance, she tossed her book below
That rased my wings apart.

And I fell to the miserable world
As darkness veiled the sky.
She was gone, with her reveries, my heart…
Light was taken from the eye.
Lost in murky lands, I limped,
Her journal of thoughts in embrace.
In open pages I rest my eyes,
The words therein was grace.

Forwhy she frolicked in dream’s reign,
I found; Wings broke into endless tears,
And I was lost again…

In my reverie I saw her again,
As every hollow that homed her feet
Relished in emerald’s thrill; she smiled
Like radiant sun, warm and sweet.

Fallen Zest

Stars apprise when come the night,
When zestful wings stumble from their plight
Of the bravest challenge and reckless bout,
But held their fists in doubt.

Dreams were great, stars were close,
But their wings forbid, their spirits froze.
Now, heaven was far, so far away,
And guilt marked his face betray.

Once truthful eyes pierced the haze,
And all reality bowed to his gaze;
Now tear-soaked truth lay in his sight,
But all he sees is the stumble and plight.

And to the angel’s gravest dismay,
He was forgotten, and dead to the day.

Spirit (Urdu Rewrite)

The following poem is an Aesthetic Rewrite of an Urdu poetry Pighle Neelam Sa‘ by Javed Akhtar, and not a direct translation. Rewritten by Cyan Los. 


Like molten blue float moments past,
That deep blue as silence cast,
No earth to land, no sky to glance,
In limbo I flow, lost perchance.
The rustle of leaves, the twigs and reeds
Have only to say that I’m here indeed.

Just me, my breath,
My beating heart.

And I’m lost in depth uncertain,
Lost in solitude, alone, unburdened,
As I sense that pulse in my wrist,
I have come to believe that I exist.

What Do I Tell Thee?

Oh, what do I tell thee, mate? What do I tell thee?

I looked upon the follies of the world
And there was a lot I had to say.
Then I saw the world knowing them already,
And realized I needn’t have said it.

So what do I tell thee? What is it that I have to say?