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Epic Rapbattle – Blake vs Eminem

The following Visual Poetry is a co-effort between Clovis, Thought and me. Artworks for the display picture was done by me solely. 

WARNING!: Vulgar / offensive language ahead!


You know Eminem: the greatest rapper to rap about how he likes rapping. When this machine-gun-mouth sets his foot into the arena for a battle he will never budge until his enemy is thrashed with humiliation.

And yet rap, itself an art, pales in before the greatest classic rhymes that defined foundations of the art form first. But what if Eminem were to face off against the Master of rhymes himself? Witness the two rebels duke it out (exclusively on Online Chatrooms).


Reverie of the Muse

The poem and illustration is dedicated to Caro as a Christmas + New Year’s gift. Find the link to my gallery here


In the sun’s embrace, with sparrow’s grace,
She sauntered upon the gloom
Where the filth untold, the damp and cold,
Hid treasures worth a bloom.
Her eyes alight, she frolicked despite,
Her dulcet voice a delight;
Her rosy cheeks the petals caressed
As she danced the wild and right.

For every grey that homed her feet
Relished in emerald’s thrill,
But nearer she drew, set in stone,
One lonesome heart lay still.
Puzzled, aloof she shuffled past,
And caught my eyes at last,
And took my hand, pulled me far
Under a mistletoe’s cupid caste.

With innocent smile she closed her eyes,
As spirits bewitched to her beam.
My heart raced and nerves froze;
But she turned and left to her dream.
She left me thence to fall apart;
Why was I empty? Why was I bare?
Robbed; though cold and gullible, played
My heart a ribbon upon her hair.

I chased up the mount of pages turned,
And found her lost in a book;
I chased the ribbon past verdures of time,
And yet I feared her look.
She stepped on escalating cloud,
Out of reach, flew afar,
Dancing to majesty, for azure gentle
Called the miracles of the hour.

She was a silver lining in world’s dismay,
And her thoughts dispelled the smog.
She was a goddess; what was I to her,
Besides a lowly frog?
But I croaked the zestful wings to grow,
And flew to claim my heart;
Not a glance, she tossed her book below
That rased my wings apart.

And I fell to the miserable world
As darkness veiled the sky.
She was gone, with her reveries, my heart…
Light was taken from the eye.
Lost in murky lands, I limped,
Her journal of thoughts in embrace.
In open pages I rest my eyes,
The words therein was grace.

Forwhy she frolicked in dream’s reign,
I found; Wings broke into endless tears,
And I was lost again…

In my reverie I saw her again,
As every hollow that homed her feet
Relished in emerald’s thrill; she smiled
Like radiant sun, warm and sweet.